ARTERO Comb Double 25cm Blue
ARTERO Comb Double 25cm Blue
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ARTERO Comb Double 25cm Blue

ARTERO Comb Double 25cm Blue
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Professional Giant double-width comb with blue aluminum oval grip.


  • For dogs & cats, all breeds all coat types
  • 49 wide tines, 18 narrow tines
  • Detangles all types of coats
  • The special thin teeth help to reach deep into the coat, combing up every hair without leaving behind any lines.
  • Reduce static in the coat, helping separate hairs that are sticking to one another
  • Effortlessly glides through the coat, giving maximum volume. Works perfectly at getting through any type of coat, from root to tip.
  • Extremely lightweight, making it very easy on the wrist and hands.
  • The round bluish aluminium handle is extremely light.

Why is it important to comb your dog?

  • It is hygienic and healthy. At the time the dog is combed, it also serves as a review and detect if there is any abnormality in the skin or parasite, so you can react in time to be able to solve it with the veterinarian or canine groomer.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Helps to undo uncomfortable knots.
  • The dog likes to be around him and they feel good when they are groomed.
  • It detaches the hair from the molt in a controlled way, ensuring that it does not leave the house full of hair.
  • Gives hair shine, ease and elegance.

How to choose the comb?
The most important thing is the size of the hair, density and type of hair: short, medium, long; curly or straight; very or not very dense.
This comb is suitable for breeds with a medium or long coat, of medium or large stature.

What are the advantages of the double spacing of the dog comb?
The double separation of barbs being a part wider and another narrower makes this 2-in-1 comb for detangling.

Barbed area wider separation: untangled.

Tine area narrower separation: check, once the comb has been passed with the wide tine separation, verify with a new pass with the narrowest area of tines, that no entanglement has been overlooked. It is also practical to pass the narrowest part of tines in areas of the dog with finer hair such as armpits or behind the ears.

Available size: 25cm x 3.5cm