1 ALL SYSTEMS Slicker Brush
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1 ALL SYSTEMS Slicker Brush

1 ALL SYSTEMS Slicker Brush
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Longer pins get all the way through the most dense coats; safely cleans out dead undercoat, while not damaging top coat. Soft and pliable enough for the most fragile coats.



  • An ideal solution for grooming cats and dogs or pets with fragile coat.
  • The bristles effectively removes mats, dead or unwanted fur and foreign objects that are caught in the fur.
  • Also helps to untangle your pet’s fur and removed dead undercoat without damaging the top coat.
  • Suitable for everyday use for the maintenance of your pet’s coat controls shedding.
  • Suitable For Cats and dogs.

Available Sizes:

Small size: 6cm x 4.5cm

Medium size: 9cm x 4.5cm

Large size: 12cm x 5.5cm