1 ALL SYSTEMS Mat Blaster Plus
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1 ALL SYSTEMS Mat Blaster Plus

1 ALL SYSTEMS Mat Blaster Plus
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Formulated with super skin and coat conditioners, cosmetic lanolin, highly refined mink oil and vegetable protein to condition all coats. Designed to hold and protect coats from matting and tangling for up to 5 days when used as directed. Excellent for breaking down lacquers and minimizing the damage caused by hair sprays chalk and hair setting gels and lotions. Especially effective for holding the finer Maltese and Yorkies, double-coated breeds such as Shih Tzus and some Lhasa Apsos, where conventional oils are too heavy. Easy to use re-usable Flairosol bottle which is a propellant free airless spray package with an aerosol- quality spray. – Breaks down lacquer and chalk has a wonderful scent.– Contains vegetable protein mink oil and highly refined lanolin oil.– Safe for dogs and cats